My way to dotfiles

After watch Advanced Command Line screencast from PeepCode I realized a lot of things to make me more productive at console. So, I created a more organized structure for initializers and changed from bash to zsh. Zsh is awesome, it can complete things like git branch names and other cool things, I recommend to take a look.

About my dotfiles flux, I made it like Ryan Bates way (I give her from her dotfiles repository)

The ideia is simple, in root of repository we have the files that should be on home, and also have a Rakefile with a install command, this comment create syslinks for all dotfiles to point to dotfiles directory, the install process is really simple:

cd dotfiles
./bin/vcprompt-install # it will install vcprompt, skip if you dont want it
rake install

and its done :)
I made configurations for zsh and bash, so it should work in both (better in zsh).

You can check my dotfiles at

If you don't have a dotfiles repository, you should create one for you.

Published: April 28 2010

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